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The Krzysztof Konysz
Law Firm

provides comprehensive legal aid to private individuals and business entities.

The Law Firm provides aid regarding the civil, penal and administrative law. To meet your needs and expectations, we guarantee the highest level of legal services provided. The broad spectrum of cases we manage combined with professionalism and individual approach to each of them are a guarantee of proper care for your interests.

When you decide to cooperate with the Krzysztof Konysz Law Firm, you will obtain certainty that the cases you entrust with us will be managed with full commitment and respect of the Client's right to being informed about the case status at each stage of the procedure.

Legal aid is provided in Polish, English and German.

Welcome, advocate Krzysztof Konysz

Putting the interests of its Clients first and acting in accordance with applicable law, our Law Firm in Szczecin provides comprehensive care for both private individuals and business entities.

We provide full support by representing Clients in court and administrative proceedings. We also offer assistance in the field of opinions, legal advice, consultations, and preparation of pleadings. The Law Firm provides a full spectrum of services in the field of criminal, civil and administrative law, which allows us to fully respond to the needs of our Clients living in Szczecin and its vicinity, as well as local enterprises.




By establishing cooperation with our Law Firm, you are guaranteed the highest commitment of lawyers in the case entrusted to us. Many years of experience and regularly updated legal knowledge allow us to approach each legal problem individually, proposing solutions that are most beneficial from the point of view of the Client's interests.

It is important to be guided by the competences, experience and scope of support when looking for a lawyer. Our Law Firm provides you with access to a full range of legal services, offering assistance and advice in areas such as:

- civil law, including property law, inheritance law, obligations,

- crimes and offenses regulated by the provisions of criminal law,

- debt collection and enforcement proceedings,

- administrative law and labor law,

- protection of intellectual property, copyrights and related rights,

- economic and commercial law.

If you are interested in an experienced and professional law firm, Szczecin is one of the cities where we provide our services. We also invite natural and legal persons from nearby towns and other regions of Poland to cooperate. We respond to any problems that arise immediately, providing comprehensive services to our Clients and providing comprehensive information on the progress of the case at its every stage.


In response to the dynamically changing reality, we have also included online legal advice in the wide range of our services. Thanks to this, we are able to provide full support to all those who want to seek the help of an attorney without leaving home. Advice via the Internet can successfully replace a face-to-face conversation with a lawyer, providing an equally effective and full-fledged alternative that you can use regardless of where you live.



It does not matter whether you need help in the field of criminal law, want to have an opinion on a contract or seek advice on any matter regulated by the provisions of the Civil Code. Our Law Office in Szczecin will always provide assistance that will make it easier for you to function in a world full of complex, frequently changing and subject to various interpretations regulations.


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