Lawyer's fee

We offer the following payment methods
for the services we provide:

monthly flat

This system consists of providing legal services based on a permanent monthly remuneration agreed with the Client (flat rate). The solution is dedicated to entrepreneurs with the need of on-going support with regard to aspects relating to managing a business.

per case

Concluding a separate contract for a particular case or its stage is another option. This solution was created for corporate and individual Clients. The scope of this service covers management of the case from its acceptance to ending its particular stage or its complete closure.

per activity

This method of payment is based on defining a remuneration for a particular activity ordered. We suggest this method to individual and corporate Clients in need of legal aid in particular legal activities.


The basis for defining the remuneration is the time dedicated to working on a case of a given Client. This form of payment is the most advantageous for entities (usually companies) in need of on-going legal aid in an unspecified scope.

success fee

This form of remuneration is applied combined with the lump sum wage, which is reduced accordingly. Additional remuneration of the Law Firm (usually a percentage) depending on a win in a particular case.

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