Corporate legal services

Corporate legal services

We advise companies, partnerships and other entities operating in Poland:

  • establishment of new legal entities – we provide support in creation of companies, partnerships and other legal entities, such as foundations and associations. We also advise on establishment of corporate branches and representative offices;

  • ongoing corporate legal services – we offer regular and periodic legal assistance for companies involving such matters as shareholder meetings, supervisory and management board sessions, amendments to corporate charters, redemption, pledge and other transactions in shares, other actions subject to corporate law regulations;

  • restructuring of commercial entities – we offer legal support for merger, spinoff and other forms of business reorganisation. We advise and intermediate in purchase and sale of shares in companies, overall assets of enterprises or specific business lines;

  • legal audit and due diligence – we have a wealth of experience supporting corporate transactions through due diligence and other legal analysis, for both buyers and sellers. Such projects may be handled as a standalone service by the firm;

  • establishment of European Companies – we advise on planning and establishment of European Companies.

Resolutions for shareholder disputes:

  • we advise parties to corporate disputes and represent them in judicial, arbitration and mediation proceedings, as well as settlement negotiations;

  • we seek to provide optimal legal solutions, minimising the negative impact of the shareholders dispute on the operations of the company;

  • we handle proceedings involving challenges to shareholder resolutions, as well as cases involving claims against board members;

  • we have a wealth of experience in defending the rights of minority shareholders against abuses by majority shareholders, and vice versa.

We assist creditors in enforcing claims against debtors attempting to avoid paying their debts. Measures taken by debtors to try to prevent satisfaction of their creditors include such manoeuvres as stripping assets from companies threatened with insolvency, establishing sham encumbrances on their assets, concealing assets, transferring assets to insiders, and selective payment of creditors. On this basis we classify the receivables we are pursuing as “difficult” or "very difficult."

We advise clients on:

  • setting aside transactions by the debtor hindering enforcement of receivables or depleting the assets of the debtor to benefit insiders;

  • enforcing the company’s debts against members of the management board or supervisory board or persons involved in stripping assets from an insolvent company;

  • securing their interests against dishonest actions by debtors.

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